Add More To Your Event EleganceSpice

A la carte options that are only limited by your imagination.

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Combining Technology and Talent


Up Lighting

Match your decor and elevate the room. Our lighting packages are customized for your venue.

Custom Monogram

From your Company’s Logo, Your Names, or any other text we can shine in bright lights with a custom monogram.

Fun Photo Booth

Have your guests leave with printed pictures so they can remember your big day. We bring fun props like hats, glasses, and more to let your guests be as creative as they want.

Indoor Fireworks

Indoor “Fireworks” that are safe for any indoor venue. These are advanced machines that create the effect without the fire.

01. Call Billy at (603) 682-5444

Give me a call and tell me about the wedding/reception of your dreams.

02. Planning Made Easy

With event planning documents and your ideas, we customize the perfect plan from start-to-finish. We can do this in person, or on the phone based on your preference.

03. Enjoy Your Big Day!

With the perfect plan, I will make sure the bride and groom can actually relax and enjoy the wedding! Any last minute changes, I’ll handle with ease because I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.